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Naturopathy or Nature Cure as it used to be referred to as, is based on the healing power of Nature. The principles of Naturopathy were first used by the Hippocratic School of Medicine in 400BC. Hippocrates believed that health is the expression of a harmonious balance between man’s nature, the environment and way of life. Harmony was encouraged by proper nutrition, water treatments, rest, sunshine and fasting.

The main principles of naturopathy are;                                                    

Identify and treat the cause,

Do no harm – don’t use treatments that will create their own conditions,

Treat the whole person,

Naturopath as teacher; empower the patient to take responsibility for their own health,

Prevention is better than cure.

Naturopaths use a variety of treatments to help restore and maintain a balance of good health. They may use manual therapy such as osteopathy or massage, acupuncture, herbal remedies, nutrition, hydrotherapy and advice concerning exercise, posture and lifestyle.