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High Heels - A Price Worth Paying?

High Heels - a price worth paying?
Wearing high heels can contribute towards numerous musculo-skeletal problems. The wearer's body is shifted forwards necessitating an extension or leaning back posture in order to remain upright. It can contribute towards low back pain.
The weight of the body is largely concentrated into the ball of the foot which can create wear and tear in small seamoid bones in the big toe and may cause bunions. It can also lead to morton's neuroma which is an inflammation of the small nerves around the mainly second and third toes due to compression of those nerves.
If the foot is held in this position for extended periods of time it can lead to a shortening of the achilles tendon at the back of the lower leg and ankle and tightness of the calf muscles. It may also lead to plantar fasciitis which is an inflammation of the muscle on the sole of the foot. Please see my website for further information as to what osteopathy can help with https:heathpractice.com/home