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Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain

Low back pain is a very common condition and not serious in most cases. There are many possible causes for it. It may be due to strains or wear and tear to joints, bones, muscles, ligaments, nerves or discs. It may have occured suddenly because of a recent incident or gradually because of overuse. There may be an inflammatory or auto-immune cause and it may be due to a genetic predisposition. It may be a referral of pain from other structures in the body.

An Osteopath will take your medical history and details of the when, why and how the back pain occured and will reach a diagnosis. They will be on the look out for more serious causes and may refer you on.

If the Osteopath decides that its safe to treat, then they will use a variety of techniques such as mobilisation, manipulation and massage or they may use more gentle techniques  called Cranial techniques. They may advise about your posture and how you can improve it and suggest some exercises to stretch and/or strengthen muscles. They may use sports tape to improve circulation and support the treatment and give other self-help advice. At all times the Osteopath will communicate what they are doing and why and will involve you in the management plan to reduce the pain and improve mobility.